Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Details of Our Little Home-To-Be in Tampico

We wrote to the couple who now live in the little house where we will live once we get to Tampico and they sent us a lot of information about the house which includes the following:
"The house is not large but it is also not a tiny house. The overall dimensions of the house are 28 feet long and 26 feet wide.  The living room area is about 15 x 11, the dining room is about  11 x 10 ½.  They are joined so they make a nice sized room. The bedrooms are 8½ x 11 and each has an 8 foot closet.  One bathroom is 7½  x 4½.  The other one is 5  x 7½.  The kitchen is 13 x 6½."  

Want to know the color scheme?  Here it is:

"...we painted the entry, living and dining room a light lime green.  One bedroom and bathroom are light tan and the other bedroom and bathroom are a brighter blue than we really wanted, but compared to what it was it is a 100% improvement.  The kitchen is also tan.  The outside of the house is a faded orange color.... All of the floors are foot square tiles, a pinkish color."

Want to see a diagram of the house?  Here it is: 

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