Monday, April 21, 2014

I Found the Gunpowder Story!

Over the years  I have told example... when teaching about "truth."  It is the story about the Indians and gunpowder.  I have often wondered where I learned that story.   This morning I found it!  Hooray!!!!

I was reading a talk by N. Eldon Tanner from the April 1978 General Conference.  His talk is "Ye Shall Know the Truth."  In this talk, he said:

"The scriptures give us evidence of the reality and personality of God and his Son, Jesus Christ. In order to believe in God it is necessary for us to understand his nature and attributes. Our faith in him must be based on true principles. Faith will avail us nothing if it is based on a false premise. For example, some of the early American colonists in dealing with the Indians gave them gunpowder to plant with the promise that they could raise a crop of gunpowder. In explicit faith the Indians planted the gunpowder, but of course they harvested nothing from their efforts because their faith was based on falsehood."  

"Ye Shall Know the Truth"

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Some New Friends

There is now another North American couple serving in the Tampico Mission for the next 18 months. They are Elder and Sister Watkins from Fresno, California.  Apparently the Jordans knew the Watkins in their home ward and the Watkins specifically requested to come to the Tampico Mexico Mission on a MLS Mission--Member Leader Support.  President Jordan assigned them to serve in the Huejutla District located about three hours south of Tampico.

Elder and Sister Watkins, Day, Crockett and Jordan
While we were preparing for our photo-shoot on the mission home lawn, we met Flash--the resident turtle..  

Easter Sunday Desserts

President and Hermana Jordan invited us to the Mission Home for an Easter Sunday dinner. They had also invited the Days.  When we asked what we should bring Hermana Jordan said that the Days had said that we had shared some good desserts with them.  So could we bring dessert for 8.  This assignment was simple in one respect because Hermana Comacho had given Sherryl a "birthday pie" Friday night at the temple.  She and Sister Day had sung a good old "Happy Birthday to You" as the pie was presented.   We decided to bring the "birthday pie" but also the Day's requested that we make a chocolate pie as well.  

Hermana Comacho made this wonderful
"birthday pie".

Dessert is ready!  

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dad's Magic Trick

Did you know that Dad is magical?
Now you see him.....

Now you don't!

Beauty Can Grow From A Crack

We live in a world of cement houses, sidewalks and streets.  But when given a little bit of earth and a little water, nature becomes very creative and blooms wherever it has half a chance to grow.

This is one smart thistle!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

I Like the "Like"

On April 1,  Angi wrote on Facebook: “A friend did this a while ago, and I've been meaning to do it ever since: like or comment on this post, and I'll say something nice about you. True, even”

A day later, I got up the courage and pushed the “like” button and wondered what I would receive in return--if anything.  I was pleased to receive the following:

Angi Crockett Hansen mentioned you in a comment. (April 3, 2014)

Angi wrote: "Sherryl, I appreciate that I get some of my most valuable job skills directly from you--the ability to organize, structure, and manage logistics for even the most complicated of scenarios. You're also fantastic at herding large groups of children in situations that would make most people tear their hair out, and your work ethic is remarkable. I hope you're enjoying your new projects and time in Mexico!"