Sunday, November 1, 2015

Our Missionary Plaque

Our Farmington 11th Ward has a tradition of making a plaque for the ward missionaries and it hangs on the bulletin board until the missionaries return.  It is usually given to the missionaries at sacrament meeting but Bernard forgot to bring it into the meeting and Bishop Court delivered it to us at home.  We will be pleased to display it at home.   

Friday, October 9, 2015

Presidente Ramirez

Much to our surprise, Pte. Ramirez wrote a very sweet letter of release for us to our local stake president, Pres. Terry E. Welch.  We might have interacted directly with Pte. Ramirez for up to an hour in Tampico.  Once he learned that we were under his authority two days before we had tickets to leave the mission, he immediately made sure that all of our needs were cared for.  His office elder called to find our confirmation number so the mission could pay for our hotel room.  Pte. Ramirez picked us up at the hotel at 5 a.m. and drove us to the airport.  He stood with us until our luggage was weighed and Pte. Ramirez paid the $65 each for our luggage.  He walked with us to the security area of the airport and we chatted until we left him.  His kindness made a huge difference in helping us feel positive about how our mission ended.  We will forever think kindly of him.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Our Jardin Ward Family

Familia Acosta
Familia Rios

 Coty Esparza de Blakeley

Victor and Abril Esparza

Carolina Perez

Paty y Kevin Trejo

Hna. Sanchez and Hna.Calvo

Hna. Perez, Yadira Rodriquez and daughter

Paty and Erik Trejo

Georgina and Jorge Gonzales

 Bishop Jorge and Elvia Reyes

Enrique Martinez

Hna. Sosa

Arturo and Mony Reyes

Familia Muñoz

Hna. Diaz

Sariah Briones 

Familia Rojas
Eva, Martha, Martha, Jorge

Familia Esparza

Familia Reyes

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Temple Ordinance Workers and Temple Patrons

Pte. Miguel y Sariah Briones

Sylvia y Manual Camacho

Perfecto y Minerva Jimenez

Laura Gonzales

Hermana Lara

Patricia Yolanda Gutierra Salazar y esposo

Hermana Rivas 

Irma  Rodriguez Monsivaiz
Marco con esposa y Marco Antonio
Maria del Carmen y Salvador Blanco
Dulce Meza
Manuel Camacho

Berenice Vergara
Elder Rojas

Guadalupe Martinez y Juana Pachuca de Aguilar

Irma Garmendia

Pedro Gonzales Garcia

Guadalupe y Antonio Guevara

Gina Cortez

Hermana Martinez y su hijo Edgar Martinez
Lorenzo Martinez

Hermana Papadatos

Selene y Roberto Monasterio
Hermana Aviles
Hermana Monasterio
Hermana Rivas y hija y nieto

Hermanos Ponce 

Familia Calderon
Hermana Gonzalaes

Jose y Colett Ponce

Gabriel Cruz y Nidia Ponce de Cruz

Berenice Vergara

Salatiel Garcia Orozco

Hna. Herrera y Hna. Salinas
Angela y Hermano Perez

Hermana Saldaña

Elder Josue

Hermana Castro

Irma Galvan, mother,
Samuel y Leslie Gonzales

Iliana Elizabeth Gomez Sanches de Saldivar

Maria Ines Yañez Santander

Andres Ledesma Reyes

Victor Tellez y Hermano del Angel

Alma Delia Rodriguez Sanchez

Guadalupe Salazar Coronado

Familia Herrera Mayorga

Rene Arteaga y familia

Familia Contreras 

Luz Maria Vasguez de Castillo

Maria de Carmen y Salvador Blanco

Pte. y Juana Martinez

Miguel Leos

Elder Esquer
Micaela Reynoso 

Hermano Reynoso; Hermano Sergio

Hermana Villasana

Hermana Juarez

Elder Garcia Andres - pianist

Hermana Rangel

Familia Medina Treto
(Federico y Lelita)

Hermana Vera

Blanca Carolina Barragan Avalos

Maria Elena y Hermano Reyes

Hermano Castillo, temple engineer

Mario Garcia

Familia Nava
Guillermo -Norma - Brittany

Haydee Martinez de Contreras

Familia Contreras

Francelina Montiel

Hermanos Esparza

Hermano Arteaga

Virginia Trejo de Loera

Antonio Zavala Mancilles

Adriella Meza de Solis

Hermanos Reynaga

Oscar Garmendia

Irene Troncoso y Ilia Vargas

Bibiana Ortega

Obispo Ortega
Margarita Rodriguez

Martha Rodriguez

Elvira y Hermano Zaleta

Hermano Fuentes

Elisa Camacho y Zumaya

Hermana Garza

Gabriel Ruiz Ruiz

?; Hno. Amador; Hno Sergio; Obispo Hernandez
Grounds Maintenance Crew

Silvia y Alfonso Lopez

Maria Luisa y Gabriel Saldivar

Hermana Alvarez