Friday, October 31, 2014

This and That -- for October

We stopped in the bakery to get some Pan de Muerto and it wasn't ready yet.
We didn't just leave with empty hands.
We learned the bakery also has baguettes.  We bought one with mushrooms
and one with pastoral meat.  They were both really good.
Miguel Briones putting the hymn numbers in place on Sunday 
before the Primary Program began
The Acosta twins Merisa on the left and Mireya on the right.  
Mireya sang the verses of "I Am Trying to Be Like Jesus" in the Primary program
the rest of the Primary joined her on the chorus.
Workmen changing the light bulbs in the grocery story parking lot.
"King of Toys" warehouse opens up for Christmas shopping.

While walking, we saw this "Mary Kay" sign.
This is the view from the front door of the temple and they are constructing a new psychiatric hospital in the distance.  The photo was to show the many workers lining the wall just watching.  
This potted flower is in our yard and this is an unusually large number of flowers
blossoming at the same time.
We doubt anyone has played basketball here for quite some time.
Sherryl's desk.

A government sign encouraging folks to
keep Tampico clean.

Chicken nuggets on the left are 1 peso each [7 cents].
We assumed the fresh meat isn't covered because it will be
taken home and cooked.
Dia de Muertos flowers being sold on the street corner.


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