Friday, October 9, 2015

Presidente Ramirez

Much to our surprise, Pte. Ramirez wrote a very sweet letter of release for us to our local stake president, Pres. Terry E. Welch.  We might have interacted directly with Pte. Ramirez for up to an hour in Tampico.  Once he learned that we were under his authority two days before we had tickets to leave the mission, he immediately made sure that all of our needs were cared for.  His office elder called to find our confirmation number so the mission could pay for our hotel room.  Pte. Ramirez picked us up at the hotel at 5 a.m. and drove us to the airport.  He stood with us until our luggage was weighed and Pte. Ramirez paid the $65 each for our luggage.  He walked with us to the security area of the airport and we chatted until we left him.  His kindness made a huge difference in helping us feel positive about how our mission ended.  We will forever think kindly of him.

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