Saturday, January 24, 2015

Amazing Edible Flowers

In the temple today, Hna. Rodriguez who comes regularly on Saturdays as a patron and twin to Hna. Margarita Rodriguez who serves in the temple on Saturday told me she had left some "gelatina" for me in the fridge.  I went to see what she meant. Berenice was there and Margarita and they both told me about the gelatin that was there and brought it out for me.  I was totally amazed by what I saw.  There was a clear small bowl that fit in the cup of my hand with a beautiful flower that looked like it was suspended in clear plastic.  I was totally surprised to learn that it was all made of edible gelatin.

I asked Margarita how it was made and she said her sister makes unflavored gelatin and poured it into the container and when it is set, she uses syringes to insert dye into the gelatin and makes the designs.  The flowers look real.  It takes a whole lot of artistic creativity to come up with these beautiful creations.  They seemed too beautiful to eat and she said a lot of people take photos of them before eating them.  I went to the locker for the camera and did just that.  I sliced through the gelatin with a little plastic knife and was curious to see the inside.  It was flavored with coconut and tasted good.

Paul was there and we shared one and decided to keep the other.  Margarita said her sister gives classes for 250 pesos each in her home to show how she makes these.  She said the sister’s daughter had gone on a mission and had watched someone make these gelatin designs and paid attention.  The daughter returned home and showed her mother how to do them.  Apparently there are places where they can buy these little cups with lids for not too much here.
Margarita Rodriguez

Berenice Vergara

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