Monday, June 29, 2015

Our Banana Update

Another crop of bananas was ready to harvest and we are a lot smarter this time about how we went about it.
The entire stock of bananas probably weighs close to 100 pounds and was pulling the tiny plant right over though we have it wired to the wall.

To make things more manageable, Paul cut the stock into sections and hung them separately in the shade.  We put some where it wasn't always shady and they began to turn black so we moved that batch to the shade as well.  We are learning so much about bananas!

Now the fun begins--we need to distribute the bananas.  This is Paul taking some bananas to the Saldivars.  We have also taken some to Ruben and to the Marquez family who we home teach.  They were quite excited because our bananas can officially be labeled "organic."


The bananas we planted in the corner of the property are beginning to produce.  We have learned something is happening when instead of leaves unrolling, a green and purple clump appears (known as the banana heart) and begins to hang down.  Paul is touching it with his left hand.

Can you see it?  It is about in the center of this photo.
Then the "hands" begin to grow from the banana heart..  
So currently we have bananas in the freezer from our last harvest; green bananas that will be ripe within the week and a new batch just beginning to grow.  This banana business is rather fascinating!

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