Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 2015 - This and That

A small house across from the temple added to the side of their house and opened up for business selling roasted chicken.  

Newly painted sign for Plancha Lux.  They wash and iron shirts.

We go to Ofelia's shop to get our hair cut.  She has a great laugh and answers our many questions about recipes or customs or traveling or whatever else comes to mind.
This car is curiously and dangerously jacked up and parked on a slope.

We go Home Teaching to the Guiterrez Family who live in this apartment building.

February update on our banana tree. 
Iliana made us a delicious "sandwichon."  
She said it was very easy to make so we asked for the recipe.  
The instructions that she sent us filled two full typed pages!  
Not quite our idea of "simple."

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