Monday, March 2, 2015

Hostal Casona Poblano in Puebla, Mexico

The Hostal Casona Poblano is located at 16 de Septiembre Sur #905 in Puebla and right in the heart of the historic district.  We checked in and paid 990 pesos [$66.45] and he asked us if we wanted towels or if we had brought our own.  We accepted the towels.  We walked through a very open area with tables and chairs and three or four young people attached to their electronic devices.  We heard someone speaking English.

We climbed a flight of stairs and found our room called Casa Aguayo.

Our room was 10 x 18 including a small bathroom with shower and closet.  There’s hand soap in a dispenser and toilet paper.  The bed is double and very firm.  We had a 15 foot ceiling with a fan attached to the wooden beams.  We had wifi and electricity.
We walked by open doors upstairs where our room was located, we saw rooms filled with bunk beds for those who only wanted a bed for the night plus breakfast.  Those in the bunks received a key to a locker to hold their belongings and all those in the room shared a bathroom.  All the guests were served the same breakfast of a bowl of frosted flakes, toast, jam, fruit and orange juice downstairs at the tables and chairs in the courtyard.  Of course, we declined the coffee.

We didn't have a balcony view but one of the bunkbed rooms had the nice view below as we looked up the street in front of the hostel and then down the same street.

We went exploring inside the hostel and found the stairs to the roof and could clearly 
see the stars and the moon plus a nearby church.

Can you find Dad?

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