Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Walk to the Zapatero

Between the green home on the left and the beige home on the right is a little walkway.
Each day we pass between these two homes, open a padlocked steel gate and walk about 50 feet to get to our home.
Today we are walking to the shoe store and decided to take photos as we went. 
These are the electrical boxes at the apartment complex not far from our home.

There are some many looking homes and the flowers are blooming.

We walked past a medical consultant shop and below shows the price for its services.

There are many beauty shops around. 
A nice looking apartment complex.
We pass through nice a neighbor hood.
We haven't needed a pharmacy yet but this one is not too far away if we do.

We could hear the kids playing behind the cement wall.
This guy was very creatively moving his goods from one spot to another.  
Here we are at the Zapatero!

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