Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday is Wash Day

Step 1:  Gather the clothes into our laundry basket and walk out the front door.
View from our front door.  Water storage in the big white container.   Water pump is green and to the side of the plant.
The green house is the neighbor to the side and the tan house is the neighbor in front of our house.
Step 2:  From the front door, turn right and walk 7 paces.
Step 3:  Turn right again and walk 15 paces down the little passage along the side of the house 

There's room to walk  down  the 30 inch passage while carrying a laundry basket.  It gets tricky when it rains because the water from the roof drains down the between the walls.

Step 4:  Put soap into the modern wash machine crammed next to the large cement basin and return when the clothes have finished washing.

Step 5:  Put wet clothes in the laundry basket and walk the 15 paces to the front of the house and turn left.
 Step 6: Walk 13 paces to cross in front of the house and turn left.
This is the front of our house.  There is a plaque on the door that says Home Sweet Home. 

Step 7:  Walk 15 paces down another tight passage on the other side of the house to put the clothes in the dryer or hang the clothes on the clothes line.
The passage s in the back and the clothes line is in the front of the photo. 
Step 8:  Be thankful!  Wash day could be a lot more challenging!

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