Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Our Christmas Day Adventure

We were delighted to spend from 8 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. talking to our family this morning but it is hard to take photos of how much fun we had with our many visits!  Thank you for taking time to share your Christmas Day with us!!
He welcomed us to the park.
After spending two and a half days inside the house entertaining and visiting, at 3 p.m. we decided to get outside and go for a "walk."  It turned into a much larger endeavor than we had planned!  We walked to the corner and caught the bus to the Metropolitan Park. Since our arrival, we have seen signs announcing this Moroleon and upon entering the park we noticed people entering the large convention center and it was this Moroleon . We discovered that it was a huge bazaar selling all kind of clothes, food and gadgets.  
 After looking around the bazaar for a while, we continued our walk out of the convention center which took us over the foot bridge and across a lake where we saw several crocodiles.  Also there were rides, a climbing wall, zip line and food to entertain the many people who decided to spend their Christmas day in the park.
One crock is in the water and three are on the bank
As we walked around the huge lagoon, we saw many families and couples enjoying their time together.  We also saw interesting trees, birds and statues.
The convention center is the big building across the lake.

We could see the Tampico Bridge in the distance and had heard there is a walking path over it and we continued our walk around the park to get to the bridge which is about 1 1/2 miles long.


We took some photos while walking along the bridge.
The people looked tiny.

Three ferries crossing Panuco River.
Water tanks on roof tops.

Our plan was to catch a bus and return over the bridge but there was a hitch to the plan.  We would have to walk a couple of miles more to get to the city.  That's when we remembered the ferry carting people across the river.  We learned that it would cost us 2 pesos each to ride the ferry so we joined the other 22 people on the boat and ferried back.  The idea of walking over the bridge again just didn't sound like much fun.
From the ferry we took a "collectivo" into downtown Tampico.  The collectivo driver told us his name was David, spoke broken English and showed us where to get the bus to get us back to our area of town.  From the main road, we walked a few blocks back to our little house.  What began as a simple walk, ended up being an adventure that took us 3 hours and we walked about 7 miles.  After that we were ready to be in the house once again.  What a very memorable Christmas day!

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