Monday, March 3, 2014

Iliana's 50th Birthday Party

Iliana works with us in the temple on Thursdays.  She invited us to her 50th Birthday Party!  Iliana is married to Jorge Saldívar who is the son of Gabriel and Maria Luisa Saldívar--just older than us by a few years and Gabriel was the first president of the Tampico Temple.  Iliana is married to Jorge who is an Area Authority.  At the party,  Iliana  said “cincuenta” or "50" means “sin cuenta” or “quit counting.”  
Iliana and Jorge Saldivar

Jeanette and Vaughn Day

Enrique and Esperanza Ruiz

Gabriel & Luisa Saldivar, Vaughn Day, Iliana Saldivar, Jeanette Day

Iliana with Eliseo and Maritza Acosta and their girls.

The entertainment for the evening.  He was a good singer.

Those serving in the Tampico Temple.  

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