Saturday, April 11, 2015

Having Fun In Texas

It is hard to believe that Jen and Nathan had gotten home from the hospital just a few hours before I arrived.  I was so excited to be with them again.
Nothing is quite as relaxing as holding a sleeping baby.  

Daddy got to give Nathan his first bath while everyone watched.

Daddy mowed the lawn while M. followed in his footsteps.  E. just loves to be outside.
Nathan was finally opening his eyes and looking around--much to A's delight.
Grandma watched S. play soccer.

A truly loves to climb the trees by the soccer field.
We loved holding and taking photos of N. who is a very good natured baby.
Jen, E and Sherryl drove to Deseret Book but found it closed so we took time to look around the temple and E. stood on the front steps and sang "I Am A Child of God."

 Grandma wasn't the only one who liked to hold the baby.
S. is very kind hearted and loves his new brother.
Sometimes Grandma just runs out of energy so E. tended Grandma for a while.
Here's Mommy with her oldest and youngest sons.
Since Grandma would be in the airport all day on her birthday, they surprised her with a birthday party before she went back to Mexico.

 Grandma had lots of help blowing out her candles.
A. wrote a sweet poem and card for Grandma.

An amazing photo with everyone looking at the camera!  

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