Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Our Tender Mercy

Sometimes a totally unexpected opportunity comes our way and we have the option to accept and run with it or to let it go. Here is what we are talking about.  This Tuesday morning Jen had called to tell us that she was heading to the hospital for the birth of her son.  We were excited that the time for the baby’s birth had finally arrived and we were excited that this would be the day.  We had a good morning at the temple with the proselyting missionaries there and are always happy to see them and help get them ready for the session.  Just before the session began, Sherryl mentioned to Hna. Briones, the matron of the temple, that we would have a new grandson before the end of the day.  Hna. Briones asked when we would see him.  We would see him in photos and movies almost immediately but he would be at least seven months old before we would hold and be with him.  We knew this is what would happen and Jen knew this and it was all settled in our hearts.  Then Sherryl went as an ordinance worker on the session with the missionaries.  After the session finished, we both changed into our street clothes to leave the temple.  As we walked down the sidewalk, Paul casually mentioned to Sherryl that she had been given permission by the Temple Department to leave her mission for a week to travel to see Jen and her baby.  This was totally unexpected and almost unbelievable news.  Really!  Apparently, Hna. Briones spoke to Paul about the idea of Sherryl traveling to Texas and Paul said we lacked permission to leave our mission.  She then spoke to Pte. Briones about the baby’s birth today and they decided to call the Temple Department to talk about possibilities of getting Sherryl the needed permission.  As it happens, all the people who would have to give their permission for this request were available and Pte. Briones immediately was given verbal approval for Sherryl to travel out of her mission for a week starting Thursday and the paperwork was to follow as quickly as possible.

Our minds were racing and our hearts were full as we made our way home for lunch. We were so excited but didn't even know what options would be available for travel into Texas in two days' time.  At our house we began to check out details and much to our delight, found flights available to leave Thursday and return next Wednesday at a reasonable cost.  Before our new grandson was even born, we had purchased the tickets online.  We decided to keep our surprise a secret from Jen but we needed her husband’s help.  So Sherryl’s top secret mission to travel Texas had begun.  As we thought about what we needed to do, we realized there was a lot to get done in a short amount of time.   Sherryl needed to decide what to pack, what food to prepare for Paul for the next several days.  We would have to retrieve Sherryl’s passport from the safe at the Mission Office.  Just before it was time for us to head back to the temple for the afternoon and evening, Jen phoned telling us Nathan Allen was born, tipping the scales at 8 lbs. 8 oz. and is strong and healthy. Our joy was full.
(From Crockett Chronicles - 12 April 2015)

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