Monday, May 11, 2015

Ruben's Rice Bag

When Hno. Saldivar told us that Ruben Sacramento loved to sit in his hot car because it made his back feel so much better, we thought of ways that we might help him.  We decided to make a rice bag that he could warm in a microwave and put on his back.  Keeping in mind that Ruben is 87 years old, we designed it in such a way that we thought would be useful to Ruben.  We shopped for the hand towels and went to another store of matching thread.  We borrowed the temple's sewing machine and went to work to create what we thought would be a functioning gift to help Ruben.

We were pleased with our work and rather excited to take it to Ruben so he could try it out.  After we explained the bag to him and how it works, he tried it on and could work the straps ok.  He appreciated our thoughtfulness.  When we asked if we could heat it up in his microwave so he could actually feel the warmth, he simply said that they don't have a microwave and he wasn't sure why they would have one or how microwaves work.

We would be happy to buy a microwave for Ruben but we aren't sure if he would feel that it is useful.  He already struggles to pay his electricity bill from his pension money and instead of helping, we might unintentionally add to his financial burden.  Sometimes we forget how simply others live.

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