Monday, May 18, 2015

Temple Grounds Tour

It is really quite pleasant to walk into the temple grounds each day and to see the flowering and colorful shrubs.    Looking at the temple from the south.

We've entered the temple gates.
The stairs lead to the front door on the west side of the temple
Front garden but looking south.
In front of the temple continuing north.

Turning right and looking east at the northwest corner.
Looking back to the south from the northwest corner.
At the northeast corner looking south.
 This is the back or east side of the temple
Gardens in the northeast corner of the temple lot.
More gardens and flowers on the east or back side.
Looking south from the northeast section.
Looking south and nearer to the east side of the temple.
 This is the south side looking west.
Expanded view of south side looking west.
Looking back east from the southwest corner of the temple.
 Walking out the front door of the temple looking west.
So we have made a picture tour of our walk around the temple. 

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