Sunday, May 31, 2015

This and That for May

We have good neighbors and they probably have parties once a month but they keep the music at a good volume and turn it off by 10 p.m.  These neighbors seem to have family and friends parties with kids and we don't mind at all.
This boy greets us with "vecino!" and we don't know his name and he is a bit hard to understand.  Today he asked us to check if their blue ball was in our yard but we didn't see it.  We actually think that we returned it a few days ago.
We received Tyler's letter of instruction and Flat Stanley on May 5 and he received our letter and photos as well about April 29,  The mail service from the USA to Mexico and from Mexico to USA takes about the same amount of time.  That makes sense but what doesn't make sense is that it took about 4 weeks each way using airmail.
Something was eating our bananas and we thought it was a bird.  We heard some chirping outside the window and were surprised to see something else snacking on our bananas.  Can you see what it was?
We walk to Bancomer each month to deposit our rent into the landlord's account.  We were surprised two months ago because the front of the building was gone but they have now replaced it and are continuing with the remodeling.  Here are the "before" and "after" shots of the bank front.

Hna. Ninel Silva, a young temple ordinance worker, in front of the terraced gardens in front of the temple.  She loves to practice her English with us.
This lovely flower on a prickly vine guards our water pump.
Here is the "little laptop" that Mireya loaned to us.   We can now use the full sized keyboard and a large monitor.  This little guy works well and keeps us from the need to share a computer.

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