Monday, June 30, 2014

June's "This and That" Photos

We usually carry a camera with us and we stop to take photos that are unique or of interest or just because we can.  Sometimes we can use the photos to tell a story or make a point.  Sometimes we just have "this and that" photos that don't really go together.  Here are some "extra" photos for June

Not sure why there are pop bottles on the rebar on the roof of the house.

Amazing how flowers make an ugly area look very nice.

Bet you can't eat just one!

The creatures trying to get into the house
are getting larger.

This house is for sale.
Something has to be said about the desirability
of the location

This truck comes weekly to swap our
empty drinking water jugs
for filled jugs.

It is possible to pay the electricity bill
by driving up to an automated machine.

Logo for the local Soriano store
plus  the skyscape of Tampico

Garbage cans catch the dripping rain water in Chedraui. 

The driver was off talking to someone so we
snapped this photo as we walked by Friend Horse.
This side of this street (4th Avenue) is in Tampico
 and the other side is Ciudad Madero
Checking an electronic device in bright sunlight.

Hermana Albuja from Ecuador and Hermana Crowther from Orem
are currently assigned to our Jardin Ward

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