Thursday, June 19, 2014

Local Car Wash Options

We have noticed that there are many car washing places here.  They range from simple to rather elaborate businesses.  So we began to take photos of those we see rather often.

The first photo is the car wash sign straight across the street from where we live.  We aren't sure what used to be there but this is what is there now.

From what we can see, all anyone really needs to have in order to open a car wash is a place for the cars to park, a sign and water.  Some of these are rather small.

Some car washes offer extra services along with the wash.  The one below offers to vacuum and wax as well as wash the motor. 

Some of the car washes are rather modern and sophisticated.  This particular one has the swirling brushes to clean the cars plus several vacuum stalls to get the inside of the car clean as well as the outside.
Though most car wash signs are in Spanish, some are in English. The "Snack Wash" with this one is where people can snack while they wait for their car.

So people with cars have lots of choices of where to have them washed--unless they do it themselves in front of their house...which we see fairly often.

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