Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Banana Tree and a Secure House

When we arrived on our mission, we were delighted that we were the proud "owners" of a banana tree WITH bananas growing on it.  We really enjoyed those bananas and look forward to more bunches of bananas.

Not long after the bananas were all gone, the tree that bore them just collapsed like wet newspaper.  We went online and learned we were to cut it down--it had served its purpose.  We know nothing about growing bananas but are observers of other banana trees.  For several months now,  as we walk to the temple, one of our routes takes us by a yard with bananas and THEIR banana tree had more bananas growing--why didn't ours?  So we do what we do.  First we went online to see if information written there or a video would help us and it didn't.  We began to ask people we know what they know about growing bananas.  The answer that we got surprised us because those "in the know' said to cut down the big banana trees and let the little ones grow.  We had two rather large banana trees in advanced stages of growth and couldn't bring ourselves to cutting them down--what if they were right to the point of bringing forth a blossom that would turn into those bananas??

Anyway, as we began to notice the young shoots coming forth, we decided it was time to do what several of our friends with banana trees had told us to do--just cut down the large trees.

  We decided to make a photo opportunity out of the event.  Also we wanted to show our new Mexico soccer shirts that we had just bought so we combined the two occasions--the cutting and the shirts.

Notice the 8" blade we used for cutting a 10" diameter tree !

After cutting the larger tree down, we went to go back into the house and found ourselves locked out. The front door was bolted and the back door which we accidentally closed had a key hole but we don't have a key that will fit it.  How do we get back inside this very secure house?  First of all, we prayed for help and inspiration.  We looked at every barred window and then Paul wondered about taking down a screen to access a window by the front door that doesn't latch tightly.  With a broom handle we might be able to slide the bolt to the side.  Our screwdrivers were securely locked inside, so Paul went to the neighbors house to borrow one.  Turns out that we have nice neighbors.

We removed the screen, used the broom handle, opened the bolt and-- WHEW--entered our secure house!  Then we said another pray to give our heartfelt thanks to our Heavenly Father for His help.

Now we'll wait and watch our little banana shoots as they grow.

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