Friday, June 20, 2014

Walking to the Temple

We actually have several ways that we walk to the temple.  
This is just one of them that we often walk 
when we aren't looking for shade or for a ride.
We leave the house and head east and are impressed by the trimmed trees ahead.
We turn right onto this street and keep to the righ while walking.  The line is not a pedestrian path but where the road had been opened up after cement had been poured and we keep to the right of the line.  This is what we call  the "stinky water street" though they have fixed the water problem.
As we walk to the side of the road, we usually meet several cars and buses coming our way.
we pass by Ofelia's hair cutting shop

then the local car wash
we walk in front of the store selling juice and the meat market
we walk in front of the hardware store and the tortilla shop
past the tire repair shop
we turn left down past the bakery (pink sign) 
to the left of the palm tree and radio tower
 is our goal--it is the Angel Moroni.
We walk from home to the temple in about 12 minutes,
which, according to our GPS is 1,100 yards.

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