Thursday, July 3, 2014

Espacio Cultural Metropolitano

 The “Tampico Espacio Cultural Metropolitano” museum is a very large nice building (with garbage cans placed strategically by the front door to catch the rain drips.)  We didn't go into the 1100 seat theater or the smaller 400 seat experimental theater. They have performances but they are usually when we are at the temple.

We did see the gallery for temporary exhibits and a small library.  The main reason we went to the museum was to see the permanent display about the Huasteca Culture. “The Huasteca is a huge area which includes parts of six states of the Mexican Republic…and archeological materials identify the formation of the Husasteca culture from 1,500-1,000 B.C.”  Another source says “They were admired for their abilities as musicians by other Mesoamerican peoples...They were conquered by the Spanish between 1519 and the 1530s.”   They believed in life after death because the Huastecas would bury their dead with food and provisions for their trip into the after world.

god of the wind

this is not a stature about the being cold--
it is really is a priest, a fairly standard symbol throughout Mexico
the calender
days in a month of their calendar
how they look
where they lived
their sacred space
replica of an altar found in the city of Tamohi
the area lawn mowers
lawn mowers taking a break

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