Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hermano Ruiz' birthday celebration

We were invited to join Elder Ruiz' birthday celebration after our Tuesday morning shift at the temple.  They said everything would all be provided.  We tried our first "atole" here.  Hermana del Rosario made the atole which is a popular Mexican hot beverage thickened with corn flour and ours was flavored with pineapple and was very good.  Hna. Bonillo brought tamales.  Hermana Castillo provided the refried black beans and we aren't sure who brought the vegetable salad but it all was very good.
Pres. Soriano and Pres. Ruiz
The Tuesday morning shift workers
Hermana Ruiz
The birthday cake was large with a vanilla and a chocolate layer with some fruit preserve between the layers and was covered with whipped cream and fruit.

Hermano Ruiz cutting his cake. 
They sang the traditional “las mañanitas” birthday song:

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