Thursday, July 24, 2014

Our Ride Around the Laguna del Carpintero

We aren't sure of all of the food this man is selling but we took the photo because of the huge chunk of ice in the cooler on the front of his cart that he will make into "raspas" or snow cones.  We asked him how to get to the boat ride around the lake.   

 We went to the Laguna del Carpintero to experience the boat ride around the lake that the Days had mentioned to us.  They forewarned us of the loud music on the boat but we forgot our ear plugs.  The ride was normally 50 pesos for adults but the INAPAM price was 30 so that is what we paid.
In the distance is the foot bridge to get from one side of the lake to the other
plus the boat finishing with another group.
The lake really smells foul close to the loading dock--
like the bathroom next to it dumped right into the lake
The huge Tampico Bridge that spans the Panuco River
The young men guiding our tour but not the boat.
We had a Captain driving the boat.
We began to see the iguanas in the trees.

The guides said they will make this airliner into a library--
we are not sure if what they said was fact or fiction.

This iguana was comparatively smaller than
some of the others that we saw.

Not sure what else has been discarded in the lake.

The next few photos show the huge iguanas
resting on the branches of the trees. 
We can see at least one iguana in each photo.
Can you find them?

Never travel without your wrist bands!

We know there are crocodiles in the lake
but we aren't sure if we believe the stories our tour guides told us about them.

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