Thursday, July 24, 2014

Symbolic Locks

We noticed the fence by the Laguna del Carpintero had locks hanging from the fence not serving any practical function so we inquired about them.  We were told that the locks were a tradition here after the tradition of the locks in Rome.  He said that a couple comes to the Laguna on their wedding day and they have a lock with their initials printed on them.  Together the couple put their lock on the fence and throw the key to the lock into the lake symbolizing that their love and marriage can't be undone.

When we were in Florence, Italy we saw locks on a fence lining the oldest bridge and asked about the locks.  We were told that at age 18 both male and female are required to give two years of military service.  Once they have finished their military service, they take the lock they had used for their military locker and attach it to a fence symbolizing they have finished their responsibility.  We were also told that at one point, the officials of the city removed all of the locks from the public property but the tradition continued and the fence was once again covered with locks.  Probably we have a photo of those locks....somewhere.  We do!  We love technology!  Here is the photo we took in Florence in 2005.

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