Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mexican Revolution Celebration

The students lined up in their class lines at Colegio Nuevo Santander on the decorated patio and then were taken to their classrooms.

About 8:35 a.m. a small group of 7 uniformed students with white gloves came and waited at the front - they turned out to be the color guard.  Then a few classes of students came and stood to the side while the color guard took care of the Mexican flag and we saluted.

Everyone but us said the Mexican pledge and sang their national anthem.  They retired the colors and the young narrator came on scene with a microphone and spoke with authority as he announced each section of the program.

They were celebrating the Mexican Revolution and told the story through patriotic songs and speeches given by students dressed with beards and mustaches to represent five key leaders involved in the revolution.

The music began and three girls arrived one was in typical dress, one carried a gun and one arrived with a fancy dress and feather.  The women helped and played a big part in their Revolution while holding a gun with one hand and cooking with the other.

One of the younger classes arrived holding hula hoops and performed synchronized maneuvers with the hoops to music.

The smallest students were dressed traditionally with each boy and girl paired and dancing to the Mexican Hat Dance music.

The entire program was filled with enthusiasm.  When it finished, Hermana Saldivar took the microphone and personally thanked the students and told those with speaking parts that she was very proud of them and how well they portrayed those they were representing.  We were impressed and enjoyed the entire presentation.  The ages of these students in the Colegio Nuevo Santander is from 4 years to 6th grade.  Hermana Saldivar said there are 15 pre-schoolers plus 100 older students.

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