Monday, November 17, 2014

Which Path Do We Choose?

We loved our short cut to the main street and used it for most of a year. Then someone decided they REALLY didn't want people using that path any more--we weren't the only ones using it.

The path is close by a huge apartment building and we figured that others were finding another way to get to the main road and we wanted to discover how they do things.  We walked by the apartments and ducked under someone's hanging wash to discover another path.

This way has a few hazards—especially after a rain when the ditch could be full of water and then there's the mud.

But once we get past that rough spot, there is a nice path leading upward.  

We could also go around this bush pictured below and walk along the barbed wired path.  The wire is around a triangular piece of ground but our path continues on after that.  

For now we are avoiding the whole issue and going the LONG way around.  

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