Thursday, November 6, 2014

Zesty Mexican Casserole and Carrot Cake

So the sister missionaries came to our home for lunch today and we decided to serve something different.  The weather has cooled down considerably so now we feel free to turn on the oven.  Back in the states many years ago we found a recipe and aren’t certain where it originated but our family enjoys this dish called Zesty Mexican Casserole.  We decided to be brave and serve this Zesty Mexican Casserole to some native Mexicans and see what they think of it.  We had it prepared when Hna. Garcia and Hna. Alcantara arrived to join us for lunch.  We explained what we were having and they were happy to give it a try for us.  We now have the official announcement that it is not only “good,” but that it tastes “Mexican” from good judges.

Since we have decided to use the oven again, we also decided to make another of our family’s favorites for dessert.  We decided to make a carrot cake. It is tricky making a family favorite in a different place with ingredients that just aren’t the same.  We had to dump one batch of flour in the garbage since we saw little things crawling around inside but another bag had been kept in the fridge and was safe to use. We reasoned that if our friends Kirk and Elaine were brave enough to bake and introduce our carrot cake recipe to their friends when serving their mission in Turkey, we should at least give it a try here. The cake was delicious.  So we had a successful lunch with our guests before the sister missionaries needed to return to their visits and we needed to return to the temple.

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