Friday, November 14, 2014

Our 1 Year Ordinance Summary

Paul has been keeping a spreadsheet of the work that we are doing in the Tampico Temple.  We completed one year of service at the temple on November 14.  Below are the numbers that we have accumulated:

Initiatory as patrons: 843
Initiatory as officiators: 7,507

Endowment as witnesses: 74
Endowment not as witnesses:: 152

Sealing sessions attended:: 139

Officiator (only Paul): 170 sessions with 2732 patrons
Follower (usually Sherryl) 134 sessions with 2510 patrons

Shift Coordinator:  58 times
Helping in the laundry, recommend desk, baptistery:  41 hours

Ordinances Completed for Family Names we have submitted:
Initiatory: 355
Endowment:: 373
Sealings: : 513  either couples or children to parents

We both issue new names and help at the veil with most sessions but we are not tracking that information.

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