Monday, July 13, 2015

Speaking of Mangos

We are learning that there are many different kinds of mangos and each kind ripens at different times.  We walk by this huge mango tree on our way to the temple each day.
Just one branch of our neighbor's mango tree hangs over into our yard but it has provided us with all the mangos we can use.

We are daily picking up the mangos that fall into our yard and we either eat them or are peeling and freezing them for later use.  

Just when we think we have taken care of all the mangos, we walk outside and find a few more on the ground waiting to be picked up.

Mango trees grow to an immense height and provide shade so people like them in their yard.  But huge trees also produce a lot of mangos.

People are willing to share their mangos and some put them out for others to take
 or they may set out boxes or buckets of mangos for anyone interested.

Some trees are located in areas where there doesn't seem to be one particular owner or person responsible for taking care of the fallen mangos.

Some mangos just fall into the road and the cars take care of them.

We remember well the football sized mangos from Oscar and Teodora Meza's house.  They purchased the house in order to get the mango tree.  These delicious mangos are growing and will be ripe in a couple of months

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