Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Accidents

We aren't really sure how this accident happened.  It was a one car, low speed roll-over.  Maybe the driver over-corrected?  Somehow the car turned on its side in just a short straight distance in a residential area,
Paul was at the scene not long after it happened and saw the neighbors helping the occupants from the available windows of the car and directing them to rest in the shade.  The driver was in her 50's and the other two were in their teens.  An ambulance arrived shortly after the accident with paramedics but no one seemed to be seriously hurt though we are sure they were visibly shaken.
A few days later we went back to the scene of the accident and took an "after" shot of the short, 100 yard stretch of road.  The road curves sharply to the right just behind the dark car in the distance. 

Then just a week later we passed another wreck in the other direction on the corner while walking to the temple.  

looking forward at the wreck on the corner

looking back after we had walked passed the accident

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