Friday, July 31, 2015

This and That for July

 Someone gave this bag of candy to a worker and told her it was for Hna. Crockett.  How sweet but we have no clue who it is from.

They are painting the top of the sides of the clinic by rolling the paint down from the roof.

Oscar and Teodora Meza kindly gave us this picture that she had made by shaping and coloring aluminum sheets.  They said they gave the gift so we can remember them.  In reeturn we were happy they wanted to receive our growing avocado tree.

We gave away our largest avocado tree to the Mezas but still have three more that need a home.  

Hna. Meza told us it was the custom here to wrap a red ribbon around the branch of a tree so that it won't lose its fruit.  It is interesting that after we are told a tradition here, we can find examples.  While ducking under a tree for a little shade, we looked up and saw the red. 
Walking by the local store, we enjoyed reading the lettering on their signs that were a mix of Spanish 
and English

An elementary school is getting remodeled and a nice cover being added.
Hna. Barrientos from the Guerrero State in Mexico  and Hna. Morales from Mexico City now serve our Jardin Ward as well as the University Branch.

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