Monday, July 6, 2015

Tidbits From The Produce Department

Jalepenos were on sale for 9.5 pesos per kilo [28 cents per pound] at H.E.B. They were a little more at Arteli since they cost 13.90 per kilo [40 cents per pound]

We wondered just how many jalepenos are in a kilo so we decided to find out.  We can make one jalepeno last for several months but we have seen the locals buy large bags of them.

We like mushrooms and enjoy the large selection available.  We bought some mushrooms stuffed with cheese and the girl working at the store told us how simple it was to cook them.  Put a little olive oil in the frying pan, turn the heat on low and add the whole stuffed mushrooms.  Put on the lid and let it heat until the cheese melts.  Yum.  

We didn't know what these colorful produce were and asked a lady standing there and she didn't know either.  So we all asked a produce worker and he said they were kind of sweet and filled with there we have it.   

What we didn't get a picture of was the mangos selling for 1.9 pesos per kilo [about 5 cents per pound.]  Even at that low price we didn't get any since mangos are currently being delivered to our front patio at no charge!

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