Sunday, September 27, 2015

Our Home Grown Bananas

We were wondering if we would see bananas on the tree we planted many months ago--and then we saw them start to grow.

Next, we wondered if "our" bananas would be ripe before we leave our mission....we don't t know.  But it will be close.

Paul decided to harvest just one to see how long it would take it to ripen.  

 Berenice has volunteered to care for our banana crop so that's a relief--knowing they will go to a good home!
We bought bananas at the store last week and they were lacking in sweetness and probably harvested when they were extremely green.  After waiting a week to see if the banana we cut off was ripe, we peeled and ate it.  It was still a bit green and we could have waited another few days but it was better than the ones we bought at the store.  

So in the last 14 months we have planted and grown and harvested and eaten our own bananas.  We aren't sure if that makes us official banana growers but we certainly have learned a lot about bananas from this experience.  

As things turned out, Berenice and Marcopolo came over and Paul cut the banana stalk into manageable sized hands and we bagged the banans to give to them.

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