Sunday, September 27, 2015


We called Ruben's phone to see if he was home and Alejandra answered.  We said we wanted to come over for a visit and she waited until we arrived before she left for work.  She said she wanted to thank us for the time and attention and love we have given to her Dad.

While visiting Ruben, we were pleased to learn they had been using the microwave to heat the rice bag for him but he didn't know how to do it.  So we taught him how to do it himself. We showed him how to open the door and how to put the rice bag we made into the microwave.  We wrote down the buttons he should push to get the rice bag heated.  We helped him get the bag situated on his chair and he said it helps him feel better.  We are so happy that the bag helps him feel better.  

We gave Ruben a card with our photo and he noted our names and after we had visited, sang a hymn with him and prayed together, he called us by name.  His mind is very sharp--his body is not in good shape.  We love Ruben and our visits with him.

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