Wednesday, September 30, 2015

This and That for September

Paul is standing on a manhole cover that has now been replaced.  It was gone and caused problems for unaware drivers for over a year--especially when it was raining or dark.  
 We watch construction projects and it looks like these folks are getting serious about building.  At first we thought all of this construction material was for a slow moving construction site across the street from the movie theater.  We have since realized that's not the case.  This material is for the fast moving construction of a huge mall going up south of H.E.B.  The other site hasn't changed in over a year now and the rebar there is very rusted.
 On returning home from Soriano or H.E.B., we take this shortcut to get us through the Zapotal apartments and then home.   It is do-able when it hasn't rained much but when it is slick and muddy, we take the long route on the sidewalks and pavement.  We have just discovered another short cut if we duck through the fence and follow the path lined with very tall weeds.

 Our quiet A/C unit that we enjoy so much began to drip down the wall and onto the couch instead of outside so Paul decided to look into it.  He was able to blow out the hoses and keep it draining as it should.  Once we leve this house, the temple maintenance department will remove this A/C unit along with the bed, the fridge, the washer, the dryer and put them into storage.
In October of 2014, we began to watch the construction project when it began on an empty lot.  We daily walk by the lot on our way to the temple and back.  This is the BEFORE photo.

It has taken a full year, but the clinic now has the glass windows installed.  From what we can tell, they only lack a few details plus the security gates [that will keep us out] and the letters on the front before they will call it finished.  This is the AFTER photo.

Speaking of construction projects, some seem to go up slowly and others seem to go up quickly.  We were amazed to see how much had already been built in what was an empty field not more than a few months ago.  

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