Monday, September 14, 2015

Our Day at the Beach

It is amazing that we have lived here for almost two years and haven't yet picked up a t-shirt for Paul that says "Tampico."  He has t-shirts from Tejin, Guanajuato, and Aguascalients but not Tampico so that situation needed to be corrected.  We knew just where to find his shirt at the shops near the beach.  
 There was a group of runners working out plus kids having fun on the sand.
 Folks were having fun in the water.
 There is a nice long stretch of beach here.

We went to these shops and they were low on t-shirts but we found one that he likes and it fit!  Hooray!

These stairs have been added from the beach to the pier since we were there last when we climbed the bolders to reach the path.

The seagulls were flapping but not moving forward and hovered together--maybe it was a game. 
 There were pelicans flying by over the water looking for something to eat.
 This sign was new and a warning for anyone who might want to hurt the wild life in this area.
We aren't sure who would want to hurt them.  Most people brought food to give to the raccoons so they weren't intersted in following us around.

 The surface of the pier is very nice to walk on now.
 There was also one lonely cat.
We saw some fishermen with poles but several would throw out nets to get the fish.
There was a hint of a rainbow in the distance.  

They are making many improvements to the beach area and a new building is going up.

Anyway, it was getting to be dusk and we made our way from the pier back to the bus stop and that’s when the sky opened up and huge drops of unexpected rain suddenly fell.  We were grateful we could see the bus we wanted to take parked ½ block away and we ran to get onto it.  Because we didn’t have our umbrella, we were fairly soaked when we arrived.  The driver was hurrying to shut the windows of the bus before he began his route.  We paid our 8 pesos each and the driver drove in the heavy rain and heavy traffic for 25 minutes and then we had to get off to walk home.  Luckily, the storm had not caught up with us yet and we hurried home in “cheepy cheepy” rain for four blocks.  A few minutes after we had safely arrived home and had shut the door, we heard the heavy storm hit.  So that was our “last” trip to the beach and it was memorable.  

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