Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dad's Drain

We live in a world of drains.  There is so much water here that the excess that falls from the skies apparently has to be routed to the sidewalks and streets.  This is done via drains.  There are big drains and small drains.  There are fat drains and skinny drains.  There are short drains and long drains.  Decorative drains and plain drains.  But in all of the drains in this whole entire city, one stands out from them all and that is Dad's drain! 
low drain
high drain

big drain

multiple drains

fancy drains

street drains

long drains
and our short drain
However, give Dad a drill, screwdriver, screws, PVC pipe and glue [thanks to Home Depot] and a little bit of time and voila! you will have very functional and unique drains!  

The water from our roof now drains to hit and slide down the wall and does not just fall on our heads!

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