Monday, January 13, 2014

The Dice Game

 We brought our Settlers of Catan game with us packed away carefully but not in the original box.  We like to play that game and hoped to find someone else who wanted to have a "game night" with us.  Trouble is that the Days had a bad experiencing when playing Settlers with their kids--though their kids love the game--and they think it is "boring."  Though they say they do like games. We were telling Jen about our dilemma and she suggested that we teach them the "dice game."  That sounded like a good suggestion so we thought we would simply go pick up some dice.

We went to Walmart and they didn't have dice.  Neither did Cheddraui, Soriano, H.E.B., the jugueteria (game store) by H.E.B.  We followed every lead anyone gave us as to where we might find some dice but nothing panned out. So we just left "dice" on our "to do" list and life moved on.

Then....we decided to go to El Centro de Tampico last Thursday morning to see the two plazas.  While walking down the sidewalk we began to see toy stores and DICE popped back into our mind. We went to one jugueteria and they didn't have any dice but suggested the papeleria (paper store) just four shops down.  We thought her suggestion was very strange but we went to this store anyway:

and guess what

They had a box of  over 100 dice in several colors!  Hooray!  We decided to get a bunch of them....just in case!  We carefully picked the ones that looked the most square. They cost about 15 cents each though we would have paid more!  We aren't sure if you can tell from the photo but they aren't exactly precision made and whoever painted the dots smeared the paint a little here and there.  But they have six sides and they have the right number of dots on each side. Now we can cross dice off our "to do" list.

Let's hope the Days didn't have a bad experience playing a dice game with their kids!

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