Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Remodeling & A Roof Top Tour

Each time we walk out our front door, if we look to the left we can see our neighbor's house remodeling in progress.  The room on the left with the teal colored tarp seems to be made of cement.  Inside the window, the walls are cement covered with plaster.  The center piece that sticks up more is all cement.  The section on the right is cinder block.  The white squares that are visible are looking through window frames at the inside where plaster is covering the cinder blocks.  This remodeling job looks like it is doubling the size of their home. Our clothes line is visible at the bottom of the photo.

Did you ever wonder what the view is from your roof top?  We did, so we took a look and here is what we found.

This is our flat white roof with re-bar sticking up and empty drink bottles on some of them. 

Paul with our 600 liter water tank.  

Looking to the south.
Looking straight down to the south.  There's probably 5 feet between our house and their house.

Another view of the house being remodeled--looking west.
Looking to the north west

Looking down into the north west area playground.

To the north--our banana tree is on the left of our white roof.  The roof edging on the house is just fake.

This is what I mean by fake.  From the front it looks all tiled on the roof--but it isn't.  What a shock!

This is down into the neighbor's yard to the east.

And that concludes our roof top tour!

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