Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Day - 2014

Last night which was last year--we spoke Spanish with our Mexican friends and today we joined Vaughn and Jeanette Day [right]; and Ralph and Claudia Jordan [center] for lunch. where we all delighted to speak English and to be together.  Our lunch was Hormel ham, funeral potatoes, Waldorf salad, sliced fresh vegetables and cheese cake dessert.

Here's a test for you.  Find something unusual in this photo--something that just isn't correct!

Did you see and guess what is a bit amiss??

Here is a clue:  It isn't that Paul is not wearing a white shirt and tie.

Do you give up yet?

Ok.  Here it is  [and maybe you can't see it anyway].  Sherryl is wearing a name badge that says "Sister Day"

Sherryl is currently "between" name badges and didn't want to be without one for the photo. She thinks her English name badge fell off when four of us were squeezed into the cab of Hermano Herrera's truck to ride home from the temple last Thursday night.  We won't know for sure until this Thursday when we see them again.  Our official Spanish name badges were ordered on November 15 and should arrive before long.

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