Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Car on Fire

Yesterday while walking to the temple, we saw smoke billowing a block or so in front of us and the thick black smoke just kept growing.  Many people in cars were driving towards the smoke to see what was happening.
People were standing on the sidewalk to watch.  The air was thick and we could smell rubber burning.  The fire was close to the corner where we turn to go to the temple.  We took one quick photo and the orange in the next photo to the left of the car on the left is flames.  Paul could see it was a car burning and we thought it was in someone's driveway.  We hurried away from the traffic and smoke.
Today we walked back to where the fire had been fully expecting to see a burned car.  We were surprised to see that the car had been removed except for a few missed scraps like steel belts from the tires.  We were relieved to see the fire had happened in the street and not in someone's driveway. 

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