Monday, May 26, 2014

Tampico Temple Devotional

The Tampico Mexico Temple was announced on July 8, 1998 and dedicated by President Thomas S. Monson on May 20, 2000.  To celebrate this special temple anniversary this year, the temple ordinance workers and presidency met in the stake center next to the temple.  There were about 60 people in attendance.

We began with a song and prayer and then Hno. Torres spoke to us.  He is a sealer in the temple plus he and his wife were a former president and matron of the Tampico Temple.  He detailed what a miracle and blessing it is to have a temple here.  He and his wife were sealed in the Mesa Arizona temple.  Until the later 1970’s, Mexican law required that all buildings be public and officials could enter into our church buildings at any time.  The law was changed allowing privacy and the church proceeded with building temples in Mexico. There are now 12 operating temples in Mexico and 1 under construction in Tiajuana.  Hno. Torres was followed by Hna. Ruiz who is an assistant matron at the temple and current “acting matron” since Hna. Soriano is battling some serious health issues.  After Hna. Ruiz’s message, Paul and Brother Day sang “An Angel from On High” also known as “Un ángel del Señor.”  President Soriano spoke telling some stories about the faithfulness of his ancestors through the ages as well as his current call via Skype from President Uchtdorf.

After our devotional, they opened the sliding doors into the cultural hall.  We saw 8 tables with 8 chairs each covered with white linen.  On the tables were plates with crackers and Philadelphia cream cheese; cut hot dogs with cubed cheese and ham; a basket of sliced bread; a small bowl of jalepeño and carrots, liters of soda and bottles of water.  Later the main course was served and included spaghetti, mashed potatoes, chicken covered with a slice of ham, slice of cheese, and salsa and was very good.
Dessert was a peach half served with sweet cream and basically looked like a fried egg on a small plate. Some people really love the “picante” jalepeños and we were fascinated to watch Hna. Lopez nimbly put a very large jalepeño pepper on a slice of bread to eat. After dinner, we took photos

Some--but not all--who came to the devotional.

Paul, Berenice Vergara and Sherryl
Illiana send us these designed photos.
She had shown Sherryl her photos on her iPad and we asked for a copy. 

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