Monday, May 19, 2014

Rules for Starting Your Business in Mexico

We have noticed that starting a business here must be quite simple.  From what we have observed, here are the steps you will need to take.  First, put a table outside on the local sidewalk..
Second, put a makeshift tarp over the table for shade.
Third, put up a sign that says what you have to sell.

Fourth, bring your food in coolers and place them under the table.
Five, wait for customers.  If you want to be serious about your business, it is nice to bring a stool, chair or log for people to sit on while they rest in your shade and eat. Or you can offer the "drive by" service as shown in the photo below.  The man in the truck is waiting for his delivery.

It seems these shops that sprout up in front of the hospitals do good business with their prepared food and we wonder if the hospitals have a cafeteria inside.   It is possible to walk an entire block and be in the shade of the many tarps of the many shops along the path.
Not everyone sells prepared food, some are selling fresh mangos or fresh, carefully stacked strawberries on a cart. Some have tables covered with bags of nuts, some have newspapers and magazines, some that are selling cell phone covers or watch bands don’t bother putting up a table but just lay their merchandise on a blanket on the sidewalk.  We have noticed that the prices from the vendors selling fresh fruit is usually slightly less than what we would pay in the grocery stores—we assume it would be the same with the other things for sale.

When we come to the line of shops on a sidewalk we need to walk, we have two choices.  One choice is to say “excuse me” and duck under the tarps and walk in front of those standing or sitting and enjoying their lunch all the way down the sidewalk and the other is to walk out in the street with the many cars whizzing by.

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