Monday, May 5, 2014

Tampico's Municipal Cemetery

We took a colectivo to the local cemetery and was happy the sun wasn’t any hotter.  It is definitely not a “lawn mower” cemetery.  It is a world of cement and if there was grass, it had died and if there were flowers, they had died and there were dried weeds most everywhere.  We saw several workmen and finally figured out that they are there to either sell grave sites that might be old ones remodeled.  They also sell their services to take care of the plot by repainting it or something.  They have contracts to take care of certain plots.  A lady came up to us as we entered and told me something like not to contract the services of this man but to get the services of that man since he is more honest.  We just walked around and took photos and then spent several minutes getting the puncher weed balls and stickers out of my brown skirt.  We love walking in cemeteries and liked this as well.  We stopped to read a few of them and enjoyed the shade of the huge trees that were growing and wondered where they got their water.  They had 5 big water tanks for the workmen to use as they made their cement to fix things.  

Paul commented that some of the inscriptions reflect the peoples' belief in families after death as they talk of having their little ones in the next life.  He mentioned they would probably be surprised to learn that Catholic doctrine reflects no such thought.

This beautiful flowering bush was such a nice
relief to see--a great change from the
cement all around it. 

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