Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bus Ride Around Mexico City

We all climbed into the double decked tour bus for our ride around Mexico City.  They provided ear phones for those who wanted to hear the narration in a language other than Spanish.  We saw a lot of the city without doing a lot of walking.


Monument to the Mexican Revolution
We also had to make sure that we ducked when the overhead power lines came too close or the tree branches swatted at us.

We noted what was happening on the street below as well. 

Angel of Independence
We stopped to change from one bus line to another and were aware that the police were being called to a demonstration in another area of the city.  

The bus continued its course and those who paid for the ride could get off and onto the buses whenever they chose.  At one needed and necessary stop, we paid 4 pesos each to use the curtained WC (restroom). 
The adults stood in line waiting for the next bus. 
The grandkids enjoyed their new matching floppy hats and finding new friends.


Fountain of Cibeles
Finally our next bus arrived heading south.
This is the old bull fighting ring now converted into a soccer field and mall.

Mexico hosted the summer Olympics in 1968.

Above and below show some of the University of Mexico Campus

One planned stop was at the city park in Coyoacan.

This was the cathedral in Coyoacan.
After that it began to rain.  Some of us stayed up on top of the bus 
and the rest went inside the bus.
We were happy when the bus came closer to our hotel 
and we could disembark.

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