Monday, August 18, 2014

We Now Own a Toaster!

We usually travel light.  We even went to Europe for 10 days a few years ago and we traveled and lived out of only carry-on luggage.  However, when we decided to travel from our mission in Mexico to the United States for a few days, we took two empty suitcases with us and filled them to the weight limit to return.  It is an interesting processing to decide what it is that we miss and will need for the further months here.  We hauled back with us multi-vitamins, calcium pills, fish oil capsules, Nestle's Nesquik, finger nail polish, a book on Origami, Origami paper, colored elastic thread, calligraphy pens,  rechargeable batteries, Rook cards, shoe laces, brown sugar, necklaces to hold eyeglasses, a slotted serving spoon, sunglasses, blouses, ped hose, a shoe horn, prescriptions, a microwaveable pressure cooker, York mints, Wint-o-green mints, electric toothbrushes, etc.  But our greatest treasure is our toaster!

We had also told Hermana Jordan we would be happy to bring some items back for her and she asked for:  3 bags of brown sugar, Nestle's Nesquik, Boston Baked Beans [the candy] and Chipotle Seasonings.  She had fulfilled our wish list on her last trip and we were returning the favor.

As we left the USA, Sherryl's carry-on bag had to be opened and checked and the culprit turned out to be the 2# bag of brown sugar. .   As we entered into Mexico, they asked us if we had any food items--what were we to say to that?  Our bags were inspected and they found nothing amiss among our stash and let us in.

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