Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Papantla Voladores and the Archeologyical Museum

An American breakfast was included in the price of the rooms at the restaurant in the same building. Our eggs and bacon or sausage came with black beans and bread--or we could choose pancakes or cold cereal and it all cost the same $12.  Some thought the best part of the breakfast was the fresh squeezed orange juice and hot chocolate.  

We thought of going to the Chapultepec Castle but changed our mind when we saw the lines below and heard we would have to dump our water after walking to the castle and before we entered so we changed plans.  The kids found a friendly squirrel.

We walked through the park to the Archaeological Museum.and saw that the Papantla Voladores were about to fly so we stayed to see their performance.  Four men fall from a very high rotating platform with a rope around their waist that is slowly let out until the men read the ground.  It takes them about 5 minutes to reach the ground.  One man stays on top to play the flute while his station slowly twirls. Other colorfully dressed men walk around the crowd seeking donations for the flyers and their family. This is their line of work and this is how they get paid.

We noticed other performers in the distance as we made our way to the museum.
We check in our bags and went to get tickets to the museum.  As it turned out, three were under 13 years and two were over 65 years and didn't have to pay admission.  So we got tickets for 3 of the 8 of us. Plus we paid to get each of us a head set that explains the numbered displays in English.  The kids enjoyed having their own headset. 

They have a nice cafeteria at the museum and with both American and Mexican food.
We took time to see both the first and second floor exhibits.  There is just an incredible amount of things to do and little time to see it all in one afternoon. 

The largest Aztec calendar in the world.

This interesting diorama shows life in the village several centuries ago.

Then we all turned into angels before heading back to the hotel. 

The kids relaxed in the evenings being together and 
playing a dice game in our hotel rooms.

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