Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Walking Around The Historical District

We spent the morning walking around the historical district 
in the heart of Mexico City.

We began with the Alemeda Park--the
oldest park in Mexico City.

The Postal Palace of Mexico City
aka as the Main Post Office

Nearing the Military Museum

entrance to the military museum 
but we didn't enter

fascinating sea horse handrails.
Borrow a bike here and
return it at another rack closer to your destination.
Some men by the cathedral fence looking for work .
Friendly demonstration around the center of the Zocalo

The courtyard of the Palacio National
or Mexico's National Capital Building
We went through security to get inside
and we wanted to see the famous mural that lines the walls.
This is one of the happier sections of the mural.
Walking to the metro station.

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